Friday, 18 January 2008

What I did today...

...I visited the Make it Show at Farnborough and spent money! I bought a new gadget - a cutterbug, which is a cutting & embossing gadget which you place cutting dies or embossing plates so you can make paper more interesting. Most people would use it to make shaped paper for card making or scrapbooking. I'm hoping that it can cut fabric so that I can do interesting stuff with needle and thread, we shall see.

I also bought some stamps - Paisley designs to use with my current module as I had abit of an idea before Christmas and it is gradually taking shape, hopefully.

Unfortunately the weekend has been ambushed by the Mothers Union jumble sale, as I'm on'th Committee I am expected to be there from 10am til 4.30pm, and Husband has organised a family day out on Sunday to the rugby at the Stoop, (daughter not keen and I'm praying for dry weather! Son's ecstatic, Husband would rather be at his beloved Sixfields), so no playing with gadgets and stamps til Monday.

Is it possible to sew and watch rugby? I have been known to embroider during a football match much to the disgust of the diehard fans who believe a woman's place is next to the kitchen sink!

Off now to find a space in the workroom for the new toys.

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