Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Wednesday WiPs

Here are my Wednesday WiPs

1) Black and White Seminole Quilt Top

This is the first machine pieced top following a pattern from Green Mountain Quilts. The borders on the pattern are small squares but I have a need to complete it and start quilting so I intend to put a white border around it and quilt a black diamond pattern on it, then put a second black strip and then bind with dark grey fabric.

2) Inspired by Helen Conway's "No Fear Quilt" blog date Sept 24th 2006

This is going to become a raffle quilt for the church bazaar in November - best to start early!

Helen's quilt,which I saw in an article she wrote in a quilting magazine, inspired me as I had the fabric and no idea what to do with it.

3) Poinsetta Quilt

It would take a while to describe this technique so I shall be as brief as possible - lay out the squares as close as possible on iron-on vilene, press with hot iron. Next sew down each row with a 1/4 seam once done cut vilene on fold and press open seam, next do the same again down each column. The quilt will "shrink". I now need to add a border and quilt it.

4) Fan Blocks

Fan blocks made on a Sally Holman workshop.

What possessed me to chose these colours is the question I ask every time I look at them. Is this salvageable or ...?

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