Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Wednesday and half the weeks gone!

Here is a chance to see the magnetic bead necklace I made at the week-end and if you do not wish to wear it as a necklace you can wrap it around you wrist as a bracelet!

Nothing was posted yesterday as I spent most of the day at my son's Hockey Tournament for local Primary Schools. Now I am not a sporty person and as much as I love my children and support them in what ever they do I must confess to HATING (with a passion) sports days. Having got that off my chest I must also say I spent a most enjoyable afternoon cheering on the two teams we had in the competition AND even ran the line when the two teams ended up playing at the same time and on different ends of the pitch as the teacher couldn't be in two places at once! I haven't a clue about hockey ( I was too worried about damaging my hands as a school girl artist to really bother with it) so you can imagine the mess I could have made of it, but dispite that the team won the match 4-0. It was a bitter afternoon but the fresh air worked wonders and had me asleep by 10.30pm so not much chance of a late night working session.

This evening I intend to dig out all my quilting WiPs, (Work in Progress) and dedicate Wednesday evenings to quilting, so most Thursdays you will be able to see how I have completed them!

Off to do the school run - may post examples of quilts later...

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