Thursday, 24 January 2008

Today's Work

As promised here is today's coursework. Buttons created on Prym Creative Buttons, look at the one on the right-hand side to see what they look like in the packet. Filling in the gaps with a variety of threads can make different patterns...more to follow.

After spending a good part of the day sorting out what has been done and what has been started into chapter bags - yes each chapter has it's own bag and I can pick up the piece I want to do. Keeping each chapter together and it's portable to take to after school clubs etc. Obviously I will only be taking the hand stitchery pieces, have you tried block printing on the back seat of a car whilst parked in the Church car park! Then again my Daughter has a battery operated portable sewing machine so who knows what I could do?

Tonight I made up one of the buttons whilst waiting for my Daughter's Inter-house Talent Competition to begin. My Daughter and her friend have been praticing a song from High School Musical with puppets. The event was the creation of the A Level Drama students who auditioned, rehersed and organised the show. The whole evening was full of talented children - singers, dancers and actors, so we were very pleasantly surprised when the Puppets came first in the drama section.

Here is Brother Jar and Molly with their "handlers" and the Sixth Form mentor.
Daughter is on the right.
I am so proud of what they achieved, it was a brilliant evening

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