Sunday, 27 January 2008

Okay, where are the photos?

Alright I know I said that I would post regular photos of what I have done, but Friday was a bit manic. I did select felt and background fabrics in pinks and greens on Friday ready to be cut out as soon as I could,

but after cooking for what felt like the 5,000 I ended up sewing strips of black fabric and turning them inside out ready to be attached to Scout flags for a memorial service to a Lady who had started my Son's scout group in 1945.

This is the cushion I made for Pam's medals, the silver acorn with the yellow ribbon was given to Pam by the Queen. The cushion was placed on her coffin during her funeral on Friday and was in Church for the service of "Jollification" in celebration of her life.

Afterwards I took my daughter and a friend to Sandown Race course for the annual craft fair where I was able to get some circular cutters for my Cutterbug and magnetic beads, (resulting necklace on show later today) and once home proceeded to

cut out lots of circles in various sizes to make felt buttons. Todays (!) job will be to attach them to the fabric on the ring, embellish and then make the fabric into YoYos, (Suffolk Puffs), so that they look like buttons.

Now it is bedtime Good night!


Daniela said...

Alison, I do hope you had a good night sleep after all you've being through! I'm so looking forward to see your necklace. I'm sure it will be gorgeous. Is the Cutterbug a cutting machine scrapbookers use? I tried to find something similar in Rome some time ago but it doesn't seem all that easy. And does it cut through fabric easily enough or is it mainly meant for paper?

Garnered Stitches said...

The machine is marketed mainly at card makers and scrapbookers, but I asked whether it would cut through fabric and I was told it did. I know it's marketing but the stall holders were some of the more genuine ones amongst the other stalls so I bought one. They were right! It cut out all the felt circles as seen in the photgraph. My Card making friend uses a Sizzix machine, which I find more difficult as it has a lever instead of the winder arm on the Cutterbug. The major plus side to the Cutterbug is that most of the other brands dies are compatable.