Wednesday, 2 January 2008

New Year, New lists...

I saw a list on Helen Conway's blog - Down the Well, and on several others - follow the links from Helen's blog to see the others - and thought I would do the same...What have you achieved so far in your life?

10 Real Accomplishments

1. I left home to go to art college, as the first member of my family to go onto further education, instead of leaving home to get married.

2. I fulfilled the plan I made at 13 years of age to go to art college and have a career as a graphic designer. (Sadly I failed the final part of the plan to be a dedicated career woman, see points 3 & 4).

3. I found the love of my life on Christmas Eve 1985 and I wasn't even looking.

4. I am a Mother of two wonderful children who I hope I have brought up to be happy, well rounded caring people you can be proud of.

5. I have experienced the peaceful passing of a life I created and know "time can be a great healer" - stupid thing to say to someone when the pain is so raw but I have reached the other side of grief and know this to be true.

6. I have run a Toddler Group on a voluntary basis for the Mums, Dads, Granparents and carers of my town for 13 years just for the fun of it, because I know the families need us.

7. I have made two bed size quilts, (ok, they were single beds).

8. I finally completed module 2 of my Distant Learning C & G course - I can't divulge how long it took, I'm too embarrassed to say.

9. I have been driving for 19 years and have a clean licence.

10. With the use of my "wonder womb", (my DH's theory of how it's done) I can find anything anyone has misplaced in the house - except for the necklace I bought my son's teacher in November which I tidied away when some friends came to visit!

And then in a parallel world my other self's list would include:

10 Fantasy Accomplishments

1. My company, Burning Bush Designs, incorporates corporate design, advertising and graphic design and is continuing to win awards and is never off the front page of Campaign for all the right reasons

2. I have a column in the Observor, where I wittily advise how to style your home and life

3. My relationships with certain actors of stage and film have been the highlight of Hello and OK for a number of years, but I have never divulged and my lips are still sealed!

4. My views are sought by all the major political parties and I am a regular visitor to Chequers - mainly to restyle it as Gordon and Sarah hate what the Blairs did to it!

5. The Royal Family have called upon my corporate expertise to relaunch their new look in 2008

6. My week-ends, when free, are spent at my cottage in the Lake District, well I say cottage its more of a lodge by Lake Windermere, well I say lodge, it's like a large house with rolling lawns down to the waters-edge where the ripples from the passing cruisers lap at the boathouse gates.

7. My millions are spent helping other less fortunate people find their feet and set them up on the first rung of their own career ladder.

8. My other millions are busy enabling women throughout the world realise that they are not second class

9. I have personally blown out a number of peace candles burning in some of the major churches in the UK after the women I helped made the men see sense and World Peace finally happened on New Years Eve.

10. With the use of my "Wonder Womb" I can find anyone missing throughout the world, even Gran-ma who I tidied up in November when some friends came to visit!!

Give it a go and see what you have accomplished in your life and your fantasy life!

Happy New Year


JaneO said...

Hi Alison, happy new year. I love the lists.

Stephanie M said...

Happy New Year Alison! I'm still on Module 3 - think I started over 2 years ago, can't remember! Keep on with your Module 3, your work looks really great. I hope to complete Mod 3 by end of March deadline.