Sunday, 20 January 2008

The Week-end

I am pleased to say that the day spent setting up and helping out at the jumble sale was worth while as we raised £400 for the M.U. branch funds. Now I have to think about Friday where I and a friend of mine (and fellow member of the MU) will be cooking a meal for approx 47 women and the Vicar at the AGM!

The rugby match was fun, although the best bit had to be the Stade France Paris team with bulging muscles encased in pink - yes I did say pink!- spray on shirts. WOW! What physiques! I'm afraid to say they put the Quins to shame in both looks and score 31- 10. The team also has a very tasteful nude calendar out. I shan't peddle such nonsence here, but should you wish to google you won't be disappointed!

Now I must put the final touches to the Thameside Tattler , (Thameside Quilters newsletter - the quilting group I belong to if I haven't mentioned them before) as it goes for copying tomorrow and do all those Motherly Sunday jobs - like remind children to complete homework, pack bags for lessons tomorrow, make sure uniforms are ready and so on...

I'm itching to re organise my work room again, well if I get on with the other jobs I might just find some time before bed...

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