Saturday, 20 September 2008

Workshop 2

Today I was lucky to have a place on my quilting groups' workshop making a Double Wedding Ring quilt with Dawn Cameron-Dick. I and another member were the class swots by having aleast 9 rings either pinned or baste glued down ready for invisible machine appliquing. The method of making the rings was very theraputic and once you had a rhythm I found I got through the fabric squares quite quickly.

Dawn was a good teacher and moved around the group all day - helping members out with machine problems and advising with choices of colours. The photo abouve shows Dawn explaing how to place the rings using my colourway.

This photo shows the rings all plaited together. I really am amazed by how the fabrics go together although I'm not convinced about the background. I was having an economy drive and was not prepared to go and spend a huge amount of money on a technique I was unsure I would like. So I raided the stash! Well, I do like the technique and may make a "proper" quilt next time. This top needs sewing down and quilting - off to the WIPS pile it goes!!!!!

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Helen Conway said...

Interesting - I always thought DWR had to be pieced from hundreds of tiny pieces. I did a course with Dawn a while ago ion threads and she was fantastic.