Saturday, 20 September 2008

Another book to water!

Whilst at Sandown I was given a catalogue - very thick! - to carry around. I was about to decline the offer but thought no I shall suffer for my art! Once home I set to with knife and shredded said catelogue - after reading to see if it was of use in it's present useage (no) - placed in a bucket of water as we have not had much rain recently and it is now on the patio.

The Argos book is still under the Quince bush and will probably get a watering tomorrow as there as been no rain since the last time I watered it!

I am looking forward to going to Ally Pally so I can see Maggie Grey and show her the photos of the books in the garden - I doubt that I shall be the only one!!!

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Leanne said...

Hello: although I am far behind in my C&G coursework (first grandchild, quilts, smocked dresses), have have been following your blog and others. You have me very curious about the catalogues in the garden. Can you fill me in on this please?