Saturday, 20 September 2008

So why the break in blogging?

Yes, I know I have posted alot this evening, but I haven't been blogging for a while. Reason is I have a deadline of the shortest time. I am repairing the Mothers' Union banner ready for the 80th anniversary a week today! It is in pieces at the moment and the top fabric at the drycleaners. I am currently removing the old leather letters and replacing with new silver kid.

Here is the new letter L inplace for crouching down

Look at the "F" to see how worn the leather has got. It is crumbling as I remove it. Amazingly the Ladies who made the banner atleast 40 years ago glued down the leather before sewing which is adding to the work as I need to remove the glue spots before replacing the letters.

So this is the final post tonight as I need to get atleast two more letters done before bedtime!


Vivien said...

Dear Alison,

Thank you for your nice note. I apologize for not writing sooner, but the area, in Western Australia, where my sister lives is very remote. No broadband or Y-FI connection there, so I had limited computer access.

I stayed 3 weeks in Australia but then changed my flight and cut my visit short and returned home because of hurricane Ike. My home was in the path of the hurricane, but 80 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico, so we did not have the water surges, but we did have 100 mph winds and lost power for five days. We lost several trees - one fell on our neighbour’s roof, but luckily did not cause any damage. Our roof will be checked for damage, as some tiles did come off. We were very lucky! Schools are still closed, but gradually the stores are opening again, even if there are limited supplies of meat, fish, milk and veggies – no one seems to have eggs. Now we have power it is so good to have a hot meals, A/C and internet connection.

The last four weeks have been unreal. While I was in Australia, my husband’s brother also passed away.

Thank you again for your kind sentiments – they mean a lot at a time like this.

Karen said...

The banner looks very interesting. Must have been a bit worrying having to take it apart. I hope you will post some pictures when you've finished.

Jennifer said...

What a labor of love! Can't wait to see the finished banner and hear about how it was received.

JaneO said...

Alison, are you sure you aren't some sort of time lord - how do you fit it all in?