Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The Aroma of Autumn

I hate to wish the year away, but I have finally reached my favourite month.


Because there's a certain kind of aroma I only seem to smell during September, particularly on Sundays! As there are only four Sundays in September it's a long time to wait for such a short period of time. All this goes back to my childhood and walks after Sunday lunch. Our village was close to the Pennine moors and the walks were wonderful. On "the tops" we would look down on the old industrial North West as we picked wimberries and wandered through the heather.

Now in the South East I miss the moors, but the Queen has kindly allowed the lowly likes of me the chance to wander her parks so for the next four Sundays I shall be off to the Windsor Great Park, I only wish I had a bottling plant to capture the air to see me through the rest of the year!


Karen said...

If you were up here in the NW you would be experiencing high winds, heavy rain and low clouds this weekend. Was that what you had in mind?
Still, I wouldn't want to move to the South.

katinspace said...

My best friend at school always used to laugh at me because I would regularly proclaim at some point in mid/late autumn that I could smell Christmas (and I wasn't talking about mince pies or pine needles) ... just a certain something in the air.
P.S. Love the hat, and I'm glad you got a chance to where it. Don't let that be the only time - it needs to circulate!