Saturday, 20 September 2008

Workshop 1

Yesterday I went to Sandown Racecourse for the Stitch and Craft Show. I have been attending this show for some years now, my friend makes cards and like to go to this one as there are alot of stockists she uses. I usually go for the day out and end up purchasing fabulous beads and ribbons and maybe some fabric from the few patchwork stalls, oh and maybe a gadget I haven't got that after a demonstration I know I must have! So I was disappointed to find that this year only the ground floor was in use. In the past all three floors have been utilised. My friend noticed some of her sduppliers hadn't turned up this year. "Has the bubble burst on crafting?" she asked "Or is this the result of the credit crunch?" We usually arrive by 10am and leave reluctantly at 2.45pm to collect our school children. Yesterday we were done by 12.15. After lunch my friend wished to look over a few more stalls so I kicked my heels until hearing there were places still available on the Lucet Workshop - something else that wouldn't usually happen! So I had a fun hour mastering the Lucet, I had bought a Lucet two years previously in readiness for the braiding section of Module 3 but found it hard.

Now I can Lucet away til my hearst content! All thanks to Ziggy. All of you who visit Ally Pally in October will proably know who I mean, he is usually in the knitting area where the fashion shows take place, tuck around the edges with the Guilds and Societies - he is usually with the Braid Society, or is that Guild?

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