Saturday, 6 September 2008

Happy New Year!

Since the last blog we have been winding up the holiday with our final holiday trip - Legoland, frantically packing bags ready for school - for once I was organised and labled all the new uniform items before the Lake District trip - and yesterday Son began his journey into Secondary education.

Monday begins the New School Year and the frantic ride to Christmas begins! I hate to bring up the "C" word at this time, but my friend and I were discussing how from Monday everything we are part of kicks off big time and we can see no respite until January! So is the life of a woman who nods and volunteers too much.

I have another exciting Saturday - isn't it just the case, quiet Saturdays on the socialising front and then three come along at the same time! Civil ceremony last week, Evening dinner dance tonight (Black and White coloured clothes only! Thank goodness for Daughter who found me a dress which is both black & white, long, big bird size(!) and a very reasonable price, whilst shopping yesterday!) and then next week-end a journey "up t' North" to celebrate Aunt & Uncle's 40th wedding anniversary.

I have to be so organised in the next few weeks it's no joke as I have the Church's MU banner to renovate for it's 80th anniversary in time for Sunday 28th Sept., plus course work begins in earnest from Monday - keep abreast of what I am doing by visiting the Module Four blog. I will post on this blog when things begin to be posted - My Parent and Toddler group begins it's new term on Wednesday and Taxi Mum will no doubt be doing her hat and grabbing the car keys to deliver and collect the Darlings from their afterschool clubs, music lessons and all the other social things pre-teens and teenagers do.

So I am wishing all you Parents and Teachers out there in blogland a Happy New School Year!

Roll on January!!!!!

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