Monday, 29 September 2008

Take a Deep Breath and...


Well, that was a challenge! At 3pm yesterday I walked the MU banner to the altar for a rededication blessing to begin the 80th anniversary of my branch of the Mothers' Union. It had been quite a fortnight and I hope I have done a good job. The leather work now sparkles instead of crumbling to pieces. To try to stop this happening again - age not withstanding - I now have to create a travelling bag similar to a suit bag, as previously it was rolled and put in a bag with the poles.

So here are photos of some of the restoration stages...

The back of the banner

The Front of the banner,
striped of the leather work
and Madonna and Child

While removing the old lettering I discovered that the Ladies who had made it had glued down the leather before stitching around it, this caused some colouration of the fabric which fortunately would be covered up by the new lettering!

Crouching down the thread
around the letter

A photograph of the two Ladies
who orginally made the banner

More leather work on the Front

Lettering complete!

The Madonna and Child

I have often looked at this and thought how clever

and talented the Ladies who made this banner were...

So it was with a bit of disappointment I found it had been made elsewhere and had cost £32 (1975 prices)

I have placed this information on the back of the Madonna so when it is next restored - 33 years later - the information will be found!

The Completed Banner

I hope I look less formidable than the original photograph of the two Ladies!

The Service

Six other branches from our Diocese joined us and brought their own banners

So that was what I have been up to while I have been blogquiet.

Now I must get on with the Coursework!


prairieknitter01 said...

What a great job! Think of all the people who will see it and appreciate it, just as you have appreciated the work done by those two ladies.

Best wishes,
Andrea in Minnesota, USA
(who always reads, but does not always comment - assume you have left me speechless with delight!)

Karen said...

Well done, the banner looks great! And to have done the work in such a short time is a particular achievement.