Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Argos Mystery - or any other well known catalogue will do!

I like a challenge and all the better when Nature is going to be involved.

So when Maggie Grey threw down the challenge to slash a thick catalogue and leave it outside in the garden to see what happens, and asks us to come back later to see what we can do with it, is too intriguing to miss.

I came to this idea through Lynda Monk who has placed her book in the middle of the lawn. I have put mine under the Quince shrub near my shed in hope that the snails and slugs that are around at the moment will do their bit!

I have warned DH that the Argos book has not "blown in" from an untidy neighbour's garden, but has been placed with due care for textile purposes! I'm wondering what Maggie has got us all involved in, but having had her as a tutor at the Distant Stitch Summer School last year one thing I know it will be fun and creative!

I am now not allowed to bring it in until Maggie says so, so watch this space for updates!

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