Friday, 22 August 2008

What I did in the Lakes - Crafts Part Two

Having completed all the current Noah's Art blocks I began my next holiday project. This has been hanging around in the Quilting Ether since April. I spent some of my birthday money on a collection of shaped templates and while my local (at the time) quilting shop was closing down I was able to buy a selection of fabrics to make some sunflowers that I have been itching to do.

So with templates, a sunday suppliment, threads and fabric I set about getting oprganised. Here are the fabrics at various stages of sewing which will begin to take the shape of sunflowers.

Every time I had to sit in the car to travel to various parts of the Lakes I was sewing down the fabric to the paper, then the fabric shapes to one another

and by the end of the holiday the fabrics where ready to sew into sunflowers on the return journey home. There would have been more but I spent a part of the journey reading the Sunday paper!

Here are four flowers ready with plenty more to put together before the quilt will be finished, but this is a great travel/waiting for Children project. Once Trumpet lessons begin again then the flowers will begin to bloom! I am still deciding how to join them together and I have some green fabrics for that job. I'm sure you will keep seeing this on Wednesday WIP posts until I finish it!

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