Thursday, 28 August 2008

Prehistoric Graphic Designer available for work!

I have been fed up with the huge picture of the threads and beads that "sat" at the top of the page, so I did something about it. Finally found sometime to play with the original picture in PHOTOSHOP and hay presto something that looks like a Designer might have had a hand in it!

When I was at Art College computer design was in it's infancy and the "new" computer department had about 12 Apple Mackintosh computers. Being brought up in a techno fearing household I found the computers rather daunting and didn't take to them very well, sadly knowing that this was the future of Graphic Design. My first job was an old school in-house Graphic Department where hand rendering was still the norm. Any suggestion of bringing in computers was pooh poohed and I realised why when the department was closed 2 years later. The company didn't want to invest in something it wasn't prepared to keep.

So other than using computers in an administration system I have had hardly any experience of using Graphic packages and don't I feel like a dinosaur? I have been recently looking at returning to the salaried work force and it looks like I need to retrain in a number of graphic packages before I even consider updating the CV. The thought of returning to Admin does not enthrall me - apologises to Administrators everywhere - and I doubt my 14 year sabatical from the Design world helps as there are younger more technically savvy designers out there.

I feel as though I have been "frozen" or in a pupate state for the last 14 years - Motherhood has been fun and I have had a great time bringing up the children - but now I need to awake and do something for ME. Ideally I would love a job where I demonstrate textile arts and crafts - so many crafts are disappearing as technology developes, ( here goes the Techno Fear in me again - it's ingrained in me! Thanks Mum), rag rugging etc are now a niche market when once the whole family spent time together making them! - Any museum out there need a Prehistoric Graphic Designer who is ready to change into a Textile Artist Butterfly? I'm your woman!


Susan D said...

Like your new picture. I learnt how to use Photoshop at my local Adult education centre a few years ago but I've only scratched the surface of what it can do. I've just upgraded to the latest version as well so more to learn.

meggiecat said...

I fully understand your desire to bloom. Can't find a job? Make one. Your skill set is valuable and should be taught. You are an expert if you say you are!

Garnered Stitches said...

My Grandad used to say to me - You're an expert if you're 50 miles away from home! Well I'm 216miles away from my childhood home so I can be an expert, just need to decide which skill to use!
best wishes

Karen said...

Good luck with finding your 'niche'! I am sure there is some interesting way you can find to use your skills. Have you considered teaching of some kind?