Monday, 18 August 2008

Just about dry!

I returned home last night from the family holiday. Should anyone comment that I have a tan it can only be rust! We have been spending time in the Lake District all our married life, (19 years this month) so we do not have any rose tinted glasses regarding the weather BUT for it to rain everyday continously was something of a downer. Well, I say everyday, it was dry on the last day!!!!!!!

So I emptied the cases, sorted the washing piles and returned clean clothes to cupboards/ wardrobes and, grabbing the camera, sharked my way to the computer before DH could access his football website, only for the computer to go into a huff and close down the screen and emit what seemed like morse code!

Fortunately we had bought Daughter a lap top for her birthday so we accessed the email accounts to see what we had missed but was unable to download photos and begin the "What I did on my Holiday" blog.

DH had dilligently unplugged everything before we left, so dilligently he had also unplugged the phone so there were no messages to bother about! What on earth did we do pre the electronic age? Have a relaxing holiday as everyone would get back to you when you returned!

SO, once I have food shopped, I will return later to share the holiday highlights - yes I did do some sewing and coursework and shopped and had a thoroughly fun time with the family - in between the rain drops!

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