Sunday, 3 August 2008

Chauffeur Driven Star for a Week

I put on my peaked cap and have driven to Shepperton Studios twice a day last week. Son has been at Shepperton Studios taking part in a Theatre Workshop. He has been singing, dancing and performing drama and with the other forty children put on a Musical Revue yesterday.

He said he has had a brilliant week, but reminded me that at 8 hours a day, was longer than the time he spends at school! To which I said "welcome to the real working world", and if it's anything like his Dad's working hours, he's having it easy!

Shepperton Studios was an amazing place. We had to walk passed the studios full of sets each day - no stars unfortunately as they are busy getting the sets ready for filming later in the month. Some of my favourite films have been made here. The sence of history and the magic of films just seemed to oose out from the walls of the buildings. Am I being soppy, or is there something in what I am saying?

Anyway back to reality and the wonders of filling a suitcase with all the stuff a family needs for the "Summer" holiday. I have packed all the creative stuff I hope to get to do while away, now I need to find room for the clothes!!!!

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