Monday, 25 August 2008

The Spy who loved Me...and Week-end Challenge Update

My DH has a passion for James Bond - I hope in the "I wish I was Him" kinda way instead of my passion for James Bond - " I wish I had Him!" kinda way. So when DH noticed in The Observer that Bletchley Park was having an "Ian Flemming/ Aston Martin Car Rally Bank Holiday Monday Day Out Special" he suggested that we should go. So for once I left the sewing at home! Yes, I know it's most unusual, but the pain I suffer in my hands got the better of me today, so much so I had to wear my support gloves for the majority of the day. It's 10.53pm and they are just beginning to feel normal!

Anyway, We had a very interesting day out, learning how the "chaps and chapesses at Bletchley" helped to win the war. The Enigma machine and how it was decoded and all the Aston Martin cars made for an interesting day. The 11year old Son enjoyed playing with the big size Chess pieces and 14 year old Daughter enjoyed the Museum of Computing. DH enjoyed the Tour and the "How the Collossus was Rebuilt" - He is a mathematician so the codebreaking math's is right up his street. I love being in places that play important parts in GB's history, I like to soak up the atmosphere, but I enjoyed the Block B museum where there are cabinets of toys and household goods and examples of embroidery and rag rugging from that era are. Sadly this section was a bit of a rush as time was running out, but on a happy note we were given a season ticket so we can go again and see all the things we missed!

So it's Monday Evening and the end of the challenge, so how far did we get? Please bear in mind no sewing was done today!

Cup and Saucer

Daughter has made the side of the cup and it's base and now needs to join them together. Her saucer is in pieces, but ready to sew together so that won't take to long. A final update of the pieces will be shown at the end of the week. Thanks to Meggiecat for dropping by. As she suggested, I will try to put together a tutorial of how to make the cup and saucer.

So time for bed for tomorrow is another day!


Patty said...

This is so cool!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought I would be sociable and leave a comment! I found your blog via meggiecat - LOVE the cup and saucer project and am having a great time reading through your archives. Great blog!