Friday, 22 August 2008

Week-end Challenge

This morning I was blog surfing after reading Sharonb's blog - In a Minute Ago and returned to one of my favourite blogs - Meggiecat. The post dated July 23rd inspired me to set my Daughter and myself a Bank Holiday Week-end Challenge.

Here are the materials we will be using:

Pelmet Vilene, Bondaweb, 1/2m white polycotton, 1/2m white organza, 1 1/2m of blue ribbon,

1 1/2m pink ribbon, 1 skein of pink and 1 skein of blue coton perle thread, a bobbin of green coton perle thread and a blue sequin and bead butterfly.

We begin this evening as DH is out with the School Dads - The School Mums have been having evenings out for years, but this is only the second evening that the Dads have arranged by themselves in about five years!!!!! It's an evening of Curry and Wii - I hope they have fun.

DH will be off to Northampton tomorrow to see the match and collect Son, who was left "Up North" for his week with the Grandparents - my Children are fortunate to still have a full compliment of Grandparents and he has been "shared" between the two sets all week for fun and days out. (Daughter had her turn at the beginning of the Holidays so she hasn't missed out!). We have been phoning each evening and he has been having lots of fun, but I must admit I have missed him. Tomorrow he will be travelling with DH's Parents to Northampton, they are visiting relatives and DH will meet up with them after the match and bring him home.

I sharn't be killing the fatted calf, but I will be cooking a roast dinner with yorkshire puds on Sunday as a welcome home treat.

So let the Challenge begin - would you like to see what we have done at different stages, or would you prefer just to see the BIG REVEAL on Monday evening?


JaneO said...

This sounds fun - I would love to see it progress.

Shay said...

That's a bit funny, I saw that teaset on Patricia's blog and thought, what a pretty applique that would make. Can't wait to see the end result.