Thursday, 21 August 2008

What I did in the Lakes - Crafts Part One

Noah's Art Stitchery BOM

To make the following blocks which will make a wall quilt visit who created this delightful quilt.

Preparation is everything, so before I began packing the clothes and other holiday sundries, I drew out the outlines for these delightful Block of the Month designs and gathered the threads.

I also visited what has now become my "local" quilt shop in East Molesey - near Hampton Court, to find some "Noah" fabrics - you know the sort, the colour scheme of a Nativity Play!

A second plus is a Husband who enjoys driving his car and allows me to spend four hours sat beside him sewing the journey away. I can't say I completed all the blocks by the time we arrived in the North West, but I nearly had. Instead we had a lovely time catching up with the Family and having an early 4th Birthday Party for my Nephew and Niece.

The choosing of who will eat who on the "In a Midnight Garden" birthday cake

All the embroidered panels where done by the time we arrived in the Lakes three days later and the Log cabin surround was added during the evenings.

My Noah's Art Block of the Month Gallery

Block 1 - The Rabbits

Block 2 - The Dove

Block 3 - Rainbows and Cows

Block 4 - The Kangeroos

Block 5 - The Elephants

Look out for Bock 6 - Noah and the Giraffes.

I have downloaded the pattern and will begin it soon!

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