Sunday, 22 June 2008

They came, they saw...

We had a Quilt Show!

On Friday evening we built our quilt frames, photographed the quilts as they were hung, and created a Quilt Show.

Saturday, the quilts were judged by Dawn Cameron-Dick and the rosettes were given out and the general public came. It was amazing to have spent some months co-ordinating the entry forms and the collection of quilts and then deciding where they were to be put and then the show was on!

This Block of the Month won Best in Show

This quilt on the left got my Visitor's Choice vote as it was fresh, bright and was outlined in silver instead of black bias binding, giving a modern twist to the stained glass window design.

We had a visit from the Mayor and Mayoress

And you don't have to use colour if you don't want to!

This quilt, obscured by this delightful gentleman, won Best Traditional Design and had lots of signitures from family members from across the world - A Family Tree of a Quilt!

And then as soon as it had begun, it was over and it all came down

and quilts were reclaimed
And then it was gone!
and we all went home for a good rest!

I enjoyed myself - yes it was hard work and just a little stressed BUT it was fun and it happened, and my team did it!

They think I did such a good job I'll be co-ordinating it next year!!!!!!


JaneO said...

So glad it went well - looks like it was a good show.

sara said...

well done Alison, you did a great job. I will be posting about our show at some time in the next couple of weeks, but I know just how much work it takes. you had some lovely quilts to show, congrats to all who exhibited.