Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Resolved Piece - Final Layer

Just to remind you of where I left off

The final layer has been influenced by the spiral staircase in St. Paul's catherdral.

The tracing was enlarged and the smaller second mini spiral in the line drawing was made using foam board covered with embellished fabric.

The rest of the main spiral was cut into sections . These boards where used as templates to made a delicate lacy topping (see picture below in top left hand side of sample)

I made the lacy sections by sewing patterns into soluable paper

First I printed out the base design, using a spiral printing block

Once this design had been machine embroidered in the green thread, I over sewed bigger spirals in a deep pink. Then I machine embroidered smaller light pink spirals and finally printed a swirl design which I oversewed in a dark green

Once the sewing was completed I cut out the sections and pinned then to a foam board

and rinsed them under a running tap where the soluable paper dissolved.

The lacy shapes have been attached to the foam blocks - which I had covered with light pink felt

The foam blocks are sewn to the background fabric and the fabric was mounted onto foam board

Piece Resolved!

A nicer picture of this final piece will be appearing soon in the coursework gallery blog.

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Julie said...

I love, love, love this piece. Well done you. Just in time for the summer school heh? See you very soon