Monday, 30 June 2008

Summer School

I am so excited to be going to Summer school on Sunday I have already begun packing!!!

The fascinator is completed, BUT I would prefer to unveil it to my Distant Stitchers and Sian before I show the World. I hope you don't mind!

Well, maybe a taster of what it looks like...

I like it so much I am contemplating making a dress to match for a wedding I am invited to at the end of August!


Daniela said...

Congratulations! I'm feeling VERY curious about your fascinator and your taster is alluring and wets my appetite.
Thank you soooo much for your offer about lidded plastic containers. Please DO take some along for me, I can't imagine flying with them too. I'll definitely cut down on clothes, hope the weather is going to be fine!

katinspace said...

Wow, this looks ... well ... fascinating (what other word could I pick?). Can't wait for Sunday and to see everyone.

Stephanie M said...

I'm bringing my epaulettes as I know some people would like to see them, having seen the designs last year - let's have a mini catwalk show Alison! Looking forward to seeing everyone again

Vivien said...

Can’t wait to see the finished fascinator! I hope you post a photo of you wearing it.

I wish you, Sian and all the gals at summer school a really good time – have fun!