Friday, 6 June 2008

Return of the...

Very Tired Son!

Son has been on the Isle of Wight for the week on a school trip - it has been very quiet at home as I haven't shouted once! It's the same when Daughter is away so I can only conclude when my Children are together "it's Merder".

On returning he showed us his souvenirs of his trip - a hat, a pencil sharpener and a collection of postcards and produced his gift for me...

This lovely limpet shell that looks like it's been topped like a boiled egg and I'm so pleased!

He knows me so well and this means alot to me. The creative juices began to flow so no doubt it will become a work of art - His only stipulation is that it is not to be covered by fabric and some of the shell should be showing. I'll add it to the list of stuff to do!


Julie said...


Hi there - I need to quiz you about the summer school - travel, best time to get there etc etc. Can I email you? My email is

katinspace said...

Hi Alison,
Thanks for the comments on the python patterns. The whip stitching is very compulsive isn't it? Mind you, I've found the tie dying even more compulsive. I've done nearly 50 samples already and I still have ideas buzzing round that need to be let out!
Can't wait for summer school and to catch up with every one. These blogs have been such a brilliant way of staying in touch, and getting to know people better too.

See you in July!