Friday, 20 June 2008

Quilt Show

So it's Friday night and the quilts are handing - We have a show!

All we need now are the visitors.

The building of the frames - yes, they arrived on time - was done in no time and before I knew it we had photographed and had the quilts hanging in a flash. This was my first hanging (!) as with children it hasn't always been possible to attend at 4.30pm til 9.00pm, although I was at the dismantling on the Sunday evenings as DH was home. Now they are older it is alot easier. Daughter went off to a Guide and Scout camping weekend - Scouts and Guides camping at separate ends of a camping ground (!!!) and meeting during the day for activities. Son helped find the quilts for photographing and was general help to all the Ladies - v. proud Mother as he was well mannered and charming.

Now I have bits and pieces of labling to do before bed and an early start as the Judge arrives at 8am and the Show officially begins at 10am

Thought you'd like to see the quilts I have entered

Jean Genie with Stars and Hearts

This is my "green" quilt as it is recycled jeans and very cuddly. It is my star gazy quilt for v. late summer evenings when I sit in the garden and watch meteor showers.


A Rare Bit of Welsh!

Daffodils, Dragons and Leeks. I made three "leeks" and attached them to the bottom panel. Although a bit wonky, I am proud of this quilt as I taught myself how to do this! I would like to try this technique again, but next time I would machine quilt the pattern as it would be quicker and I could be doing the stuffing sooner and this is the bit I enjoyed the most.

And so to bed I think I deserve it.

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