Monday, 16 June 2008

Christmas Morning!

Well, they all turned up with their quilts and my lounge looks like Christmas morning with all the bags containing said quilts in my bay window!

I'm feeling abit daunted as we have a venue, we have quilts, but the people who store the stands haven't got back to the committee member in charge of stands yet, so we could have very sore arms by 4pm on Sunday!!!!!

Any way I'm off to bed as I have "Quilt Entry Description" signs to complete typing and laminating tomorrow. I also have to decide where each Quilt will be hanging in the hall, That will be an interesting challenge as I have never "hung" a show before. I'm quite looking forward to it! This show has been a really interesting learning curve for me and I feel as though I have grown in confidence as each stage as been reached. By Sunday I'll be capable of planning Sandown or Malvern! In my dreams!!!!! Talking of which - Goodnight!

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