Saturday, 14 June 2008

Is it June 14th already?

Gosh where did those days go?

Well I am truely in the deadline zone, next weekend is the Quilt show and on Monday evening I will be taking home ALOT of quilts from the monthly meeting in readiness for hanging on the Friday night! Big responcibility? You bet!

Then from Monday 23rd it's all hands on deck to complete coursework for Module 3 to be ready for the Summer School. I am so looking forward to this. Meeting up with new Distant Stitchers and the Stitchers who have been stitching too long for their own good! (That definitly includes me!). The theory is we don't want to complete as we can't go to Urchfont any more and a visit to Urchfont is like going to a health spa. You leave regenerated and raring to go on the next module, any textile technique is possible after a visit to Urchfont!

And so to bed...


Sarah Jayne said...

I've enjoyed looking at the work you've done. I bet you'll have a great time at your summer school.

Can I ask who you're doing you're course with? I can't remember - must be the sun LOL

Garnered Stitches said...

Sarah, I am with Distant Stitch and my tutor is Sian Martin. It is a City & Guild Course based at Urchfont College near Dezives