Monday, 16 June 2008

It's like Christmas Eve

Tonight is my Quilter's group meeting and hopefully I shall be leaving with a car full of quilts! I am feeling slightly apprehensive as the entry forms are only a promise, yes, they've paid their entry fee, but never the less they are under no obligation to actually submit their quilt if they decide not to!

I do have four that have been given to me early as the members can not be at the meeting tonight, so I do have a small quilt show if I don't receive any more!!!

Then it all begins, getting ready to hang them all on Friday for the show this week-end at a local school hall.

It's so exciting and yet nerve racking all at the same time.

Wish me luck

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JaneO said...

Alison you are so brave, I am sure it will all come together. Good luck and I will see you at summer school.