Saturday, 25 July 2009

Oh, I do like to be beside the Seaside!

Today - Brighton
After dropping Daughter at Guide Camp we journeyed onto Brighton for Sun, Sea and Shopping
Whilst wandering around we discovered this exhibition - Fabrica - The Elephant Bed
The sculptures were created in water soluable paper and suspended from the ceiling of this chapel. Some were suspended over water, which created some interesting effects!

And caused some to completely collapse and turn to mush!

The general public were allowed to stand inside one - this is general public Son doing just that!

View inside the sculpture

I just had to have this photo of the light hitting the sculpture, but as it is the one that you can go in I had to wait a while as people were in the way!

So although they look similar to the Brighton Pavillion globes in it's roof, they are in fact representations of minerals found in the "Elephant Bed "- a deposite of chalk (or similar) found under Brighton - it is said to be made from the fossils of horses, elephants and other creatures around at the time.

I didn't do any shopping as such - well I bought a second hand pattern from an "antique" shop, but that doesn't count as that will be used for an order that came in last Wednesday - but I did window shop to my hearts desire down the North Lanes. Will definitely be heading there the next time I visit Brighton and leave the commercial side of Brighton's shopping centre well alone!

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