Friday, 3 July 2009

Quilts from the Show

This delightful quilt was the raffle prize, designed by Paula Doyle, the top sewn together by members of the group and then long arm quilted by Isabel Hall,

and for once it was won by a member of the quilting group!

It's off to have it's photo taken so it can grace the cover of a leading quilting magazine.

I won't mention which yet, but will show you the cover when it's published!

Some of our group also belong to another sewing group.
They each made a Snow-man block quilt over a period of months

Here are three wall quilts which were completed after a workshop

with Ferret of Ferret Fabrications

This was my effort at a "wall" hanging.
The idea was seen on an internet quilting show on HBTV
and I added the "hedgerow" quilting instead of the Japanese quilting they used.

I loved the colours in this quilt, very Festival of Britain

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: the quilt on the right was made using the "Turning Twenty" method and has lots of wonderful bright fat quarters and batik froggy fabric. The Quilter of this quilt was "white gloving" and chatting to a Lady who said how wonderful the quilts were, but for one in particular and she wondered what the person was thinking when she made it! "Which one do you mean?" asked the White Glover. "Oh I'll show you." said the Lady and promptly marched to the White Glover's quilt! "Oh," said the White Glover "That's mine and my Grand-daughter loves it, so there!"

The Visitor's Choice Winner!

and another view of the Froggy Quilt

This one was called Chocoholic's Delight

Two totally different quilts, one a "jelly roll quilt as you go" fun quilt and the other a heart shaped block made for a joint 70th birthday present.

It just goes to show we have a talented bunch of quilters, both professional and amature.

We quilt because we can!

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Sarah Jayne said...

What great quilts - thanks for sharing.