Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Alliteration - the key to getting stuff done!

Sian suggested that we blog our work each Friday...

So what shall we call it?

I 've thought of "Flaunt it Friday" or "Friday Flourish" or maybe "Friday Flash"!

Yes, I do own a copy of the Thesaurus - mine's a Chambers 20th Century

I throw down the gauntlet to all Distant Stitchers to find something more suitable while I go and ponder what I can show to you all by Friday

Added Wednesday:

I'm getting some great suggestions, I shall be giving you all 'til end of the day Thursday for any more suggestions - now don't forget to have some work ready or we shall have to use Meg's idea!


JaneO said...

How about Finished Yet? Friday.

katinspace said...

How about the Friday Fanfare? Or if nothing has happened, the Feeble Friday Flop.

Maggie said...

Seeing as it takes me ages to produce anything...in my case it would have to be 'Frantic Friday'!!

Julie said...

Can only think of rude words that start with F - not sure they would be appropriate. I'll keep thinking


Meg said...

I think mine would have to be Forget Friday, Send it Saturday

Daniela said...

Oh Alison what a brilliant idea! (But I still feel a bit nervous remembering your Christmas countdown from a couple of years ago).
Being the little foreigner here I don't know if I am allowed:
The Friday Gazette (official)
Friday Whistle (bucolic this one)
Friday Peep (on the shy side)
Let's Friday Again (in a swinging and dancing mood ... )
... and me being me: Every Other Friday (easier this one!)

ferinn said...

How about "fruitful Friday"?

threadcircles said...

Thank you for your kind comments! If everyone posts on friday then Sian will have a "floundering friday"! Knowing us though its more likely to be Fortnightly friday or longer!
love Paula

Max the Lobster said...

What about 'Phew! Friday' or Freaky Friday (but isn't that a film?!) I reckon Sian will just about have finished reading them all by the time the next friday comes around!