Thursday, 9 July 2009

Sadly no cooked breakfast!

The morning after the Summer School before...

Stripped all the beds, clean bedding in place and everyone moved to their new rooms, bathroom cleaned, washing awaiting to be sorted, shopping list in process of being written and all this before 9 O'Clock!

And where's my cheesy eggs, bacon, tomatoes and beans?

Back at Urchfont!

Off to complete tasks before The In-Laws arrive later this afternoon.

Trying to keep the energy and enthusiasm that was created at Urchfont bottled for next Thursday when the house will return to it's original state and I can begin the impossible - complete the Certificate by 2011!


ferinn said...

You have been busy!I have washing on the go but besides that have done not a lot.Loads of photos to process and some ideas buzzing but I think I need to let them brew.Lovely to meet you at last ,good luck with the energy.

threadcircles said...

Hi Alison
Here is my new resolution to leave comments! It was lovely to see you again this year and good luck with the business. I am going to bry my negative envy thiughts and do something positive this year!!
love Paula

Meg said...

Hi Alison
You are a human dynamo! I hope you manage to squeeze some embroidery into your busy schedule.
PS Do you have time to come round to my house and "do" for me?