Saturday, 11 July 2009

Party Time

One of the advantages of having the In-Laws to visit is a chance of an evening out and so to my friend's 50th birthday party we did go.

She had decided that the entertainment would be line dancing!

Well DH had a great time on the dance floor in his cowboy hat and the shoes he bought from Memphis - he was also wearing a very nice pair of jeans and a corded shirt before any of you conjuror up a completely weird picture of DH! Unfortunately line dancing does nothing for me - I can't do it, especially as I was the driver this evening and therefore unable to calm the inhibitions with a glass or two of wine! I made a complete idiot of myself on the one and only dance DH was able to get me on the dance floor for. I left half way through in complete histerics - laughing, but inside quite upset at not being able to master something so simple. Should ANYONE suggest line dancing as an evening's worth of fun I will definietly be heading in the opposite direction!

Having said that I did have a lovely evening meeting with friends and catching up with their news - just don't ask me to dance, unless it's a disco!

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