Friday, 25 September 2009

Fabricate Friday

Course work

Paper pulp coloured with silk paint

Must make some paper with this!

Update: Later this evening whilst Daughter was helping at Brownies and Son was having his "Friday Down Time" - his words not mine! I was in the garage, listening to the Robin mark out his territory and used the pulp to create some interesting papers to use later.

I also made some brown paper pulp and white napkin pulp paper to use in the edging section.

I used some interesting grid material purchased at Ally Pally last year to work into with hand and machine stitch later once the pulp has dried.

Using silk paper string I have made a grid which will have pulp added in the morning and then embroidery embellishment.

Also today:-

Apron made for Local "Friends of Guiding" Group

- another 9 to go!

Edible Fabrications

This was made on Wednesday, but still, as Daughter made it all by herself with her Mother hovering in anticipation of licking the bowl, I just wanted to add it.

Mars bars, cheerios and white chocolate - yum!

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