Tuesday, 22 September 2009

So you think YOUR house is full of "stuff"?

If any of you are thinking "Where has all this stuff come from" while wandering around your homes spare a thought for the woman who lived in this building - in the middle of the photo - and the stuff spread out around it was once inside it!!!!

If you are able click on this photo to enlarge and see how much stuff you can identify!!!
Sadly the photo doesn't do it justice as there probably a further 2cm of photo each side of this one just covered with plastic bags, clothes, suitcases, posh shop shopping bags, best china, empty food pots (clean fortunately) - you name it and it was probably there. Now I'm not the most tidiest of women - confession time - but even I wished I could gather up the stuff and put it in the nearest skip! Sadly it was part of an exhibition held at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. So I tried my best to curb my urges and appreciate it as a piece of art. If only I could take the feelings the exhibition created and use them around my home - now where's that telephone number of the local skip company?


Hazel said...

looks a bit like my place - though my stuff is not so interesting - hmm coul do with another bucket!

JaneO said...

There's an awful lot of buckets there.

ferinn said...

Don't think I know we have a load of stuff.How do two people accumulate so much?Am getting to where you begin to think about who has to clear it after you and would anybody want it! MMmm..... wonder if the Tate would like it.

Meg said...

This is incredible. Reminds me of when I moved house, trying to cram as much as possible into packing cases! I discovered I had 5 buckets so all those buckets in the picture seem pretty reasonable to me!