Friday, 11 September 2009

The Inaugural Fabricate Friday!

Yes, as promised I will be posting C & G coursework later on today.

New term, new outlook!

BUT first - To throw or not to throw?

I was hoping for a few more suggestions, but I need to make a decision!
So it's up in the loft until - in a Maggie Grey way - they can be untilised into something else. Time needs to separate me from how I feel about what I created and their usefulness as a creative piece.

Posting more later...

Spent the afternoon updating the Module Four blog which took an age to upload the photos. Chapters One, Two and Three now done.


Meg said...

Hi Alison, they obviously weren't so bad that you felt you had to sneak them into the rubbish bin, so it's probably worth keeping them! You could take a photo to remind you of what you've got before putting them in the loft.

Anne B said...

Just had look at your work blog. Mod 3 gorgeous - hope I can do as well. I've pinched your idea of setting up separate blog for coursework only. I'll keep the original one for general stuff.
I do love your sequin sampler and especially the circular sampler of beaded edges - fab.