Friday, 4 September 2009

Like new fallen snow...

It's the last friday of the holidays
School has been visited for approx. an hour while both Darlings met their Form Tutor and set their targets for the year. Then we hit Kingston - sadly not Jamaica, but Kingston upon Thames where I bought about three items in each shop -M & S, East, Fat Face - well, I would have done but the wallet wouldn't allow! Isn't it always the same? - when I have the birthday/Xmas cash at hand there's nothing I like. Son complained as usual, even when we explained we were only there to buy new school trousers and school bag for him! New bus passes have arrived so we are on track for Monday.

So why "new fallen snow"?

That's how I see Monday and the new term ahead, clean and white with no foot prints. I'm trying not to think how long it will take before it turns to slush! I spent yesterday filling in the calendar with all the family/school/and other organisations committments upto the end of the year. Now I am going to blank out my C & G coursework time and hopefully keep the snow "crisp and even" and keep to the plan.

Next Friday will be "Fabricate Friday" . Funnily enough although this stands for "construct, create and make" - it also means "fake, falsify and trump up" so I'm covered for all eventuallities!!

Off to organise the Darlings to get the bags packed and tidy the work room ready for our new terms.

I'll leave you with this view of the beach from what became our favourite Restaurant, taken on the last evening in Antibes. The food and wine were delicious, my DH of 20 years charming and attentive as always, and the waiters - Oh, such beautiful French men ( makes a change for the ladies to have the chance to oggle while perusing the menu!)

But all I could think of was how I could capture this image in fabric and threads - or any other stuff lying around long enough to be incorporated in it - angelina fibres, foils, sequins...

... another thing to add to the Creative To Do List!

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JaneO said...

I had never thought about the double meaning of fabricate - good choice.