Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Where did that week go?

I think the Super Tassel must have drained me of inspiration! Although a day didn't do by without a needle in my hand, I must confess coursework wasn't a priority. I made a stack of "Flying Geese" blocks to make the border to the Black and White Quilt, I created a poster for the local British Legion, (once a Graphic Designer, always a Graphic Designer on call for the small jobs Pronto Print et al charge the earth for), and I made 10 scarves for the local scout group.

I'm also doing something creative to a Cath Kidston tea towel I fell in love with during a trip to Kingston last Tuesday, I'm not showing it 'til it's complete - it may take some time! (as ever)

Today was spent sewing in the local Catholic Church. I was "an apropriate Adult" helping the Teacher care for 18 children while they rehersed for a concert by the local schools to be held tomorrow and Thursday evening. Son is in the group so I was asked to help. As I was only really needed during transportation and lunch time I had the rest of the time to sew whilst listening to the little angels sing. So I had the chance to do a little more work to an applique WiP. I have completed one of the four panels, but it seems to take such a long time. 3 and a half hours and only four pieces sewn down, I'd be surprised if it makes the Quilt Show in June 2010 at this rate!

Plenty of Buttons to create so to the workroom I go...

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