Monday, 17 March 2008


No, not the animal kind, the quilting kind!

We had a visit from Ferret at the quilting group this evening. Please go to her web site and blog , The gallery is amazing in the flesh so to speak - sadly all but one of the nudes are currently hanging in The Dissenter'Gallery, Kensal Green Cemertary in London 7th March - 7th April Sat, Sun & Mon 9am - 5pm. But the quilts she was able to bring along - and there were a fair few! - were amazing. The way she presents the quilts had us in "stitches" - ooh poor pun! Should you ever get the chance to meet and hear her I'm sure you'll leave smiling.


Ferret said...

Thanks a lot for the review. I am glad you like the talk, and I am very sorry I couldn't bring more of my nudes. Maybe some can come with me when I come to do the workshop.

Ferret said...

Whups I've just realised my last comment might sound sarcastic, and it really wasn't supposed to. I am very grateful for good reviews, it makes a huge diference to my business. Ugh. I really should read things more carefully before I post.