Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Wednesday WiPs

The donated hexagons take shape!

I decided to follow Grandmother's Garden with the donated hexagons I mentioned last Wednesday, here are five blocks using the rosehips fabric which I have since found out is called "Harvest". There are a further five blocks being sewn together in another floral fabric and the green fabric in the photo will be the edging hexagons that hold all the blocks together. Taking shape nicely.

Although it's Wednesday, I shall be spending this evening on coursework as the hexagons have had enough of my time! I have the Dorset buttons to display - I have an idea so that I can display them on the wall, my DH keeps asking when I will be showing my work around the house! - and I have the bead chapter to break the back of, again plenty of ideas of how to display them, now I need to spend some time making the ideas real!

Off to work - hopefully will have something to show you later...

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