Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Wednesday WiP update

I have an addition to the WiPs. Last week I was given 245 hexagon patches in cream with floral motifs, some had been cut so there was just a butterfly was on the patch. There are two lots of fabric and the second one looks like a Marks and Spencer design - using Rosehips and Roses - My Mother-in-Law has a breakfast set with the same design. Anyway came back from a meeting this evening and cut out paper hexagons from Freezer Paper and next time the iron is on I shall fix them to the fabric and leave in the car with needle and thread for "Taxi Mom" to sew together when I am out and about. I may need to get a third fabric to brighten up the other fabrics, any excuse to visit a quilting shop!

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Jennifer said...

Such a great idea to have a project handy that can travel with you and be done in those odd moments of time. Can't wait to see it (and there's always a reason to go fabric shopping...).