Monday, 17 March 2008

Vanity - a deadly sin

I'm not a vain person - I look in the mirror twice a day, usually when cleaning my teeth - so please excuse me from changing my profile photo. I don't have many photos of myself as I'm the one usually behind the camera so when I trawled through the photo bank to find a replacement I was amazed that of the few there are of me I'm in a boat! I am of the belief that water is for fish and ducks, so how did that happen?

On the Steamer crossing Ullswater On a boat viewing Portsmouth Docks

On a motor boat on Windermere On a Pedelo at Worthing

And sailing the Solent, dodging sandbanks and the Cruise Liners

Anyway I've decided to swap the old photo to one that my Daughter took of me for one of her art projects, it's more in keeping with the "less is more" way of thinking and as there's plenty of me to go round it's probably for the best!


Jennifer said...

Sigh. I know what you mean about being the one behind the camera and so few pictures of yourself -- this was good inspiration for me to get going on getting a picture taken of me that I can live with and post; it IS so much nicer to be able to see a person's face.

Stephanie M said...

I love these photos of you Alison - Glad to see you have an affinity with water too - I haven't been in a boat for ages, but I'm hoping to paddle again this year. We've got to hurry up with Module 3. Cas Holmes is one of the studied artists in Module 4, and I've already signed up for Summer School!