Monday, 21 July 2008

Post Tutorial Changes

I took the fascinator to Summer School for Sian to see and evaluate it for the module 3 final piece. I was quite happy with it but I felt it needed abit of something coming out of the top to balance the wire and tassle coming out of the bottom! Sian agreed that it needed some thing and I did when I returned. I was hoping to show you a picture of the fascinator with it's "twiddle" of beads twisting out of the top. I obviously haven't downloaded a picture yet!

Just downloaded 48 picture from the camera to find there are none of the fascinator so I will have to take some later! Still have the other few things to complete for Module 3, but just couldn't help myself from starting Module 4 and have been beavering away in the garage where I have set up a "paper mill" and have a variety of papers pulped and ready to go.

I have made paper from Newspaper, Glossy Mags, white letters and envelopes, brown wrapping paper and white serviettes. These are just for practising to get the technique right.

The fabrics I ordered from Whalley's of Bradford arrived this morning so I am ready for dyeing so I can begin the drawn thread work - will need to do this soonest as I intend to take the drawn threadwork on holiday.

This should keep me busy...

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