Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Is it time to get up yet?

No, not Christmas morning, but my Son's 11th birthday. So excited was he that he woke us up at 1.30am, 3.15am and 5.10am when he decided he may as well wait for the alarm and climbed into our bed!

We finally raised ourselves at 6am for cups of tea and cards and presents opening.

We have been counting down the days for this birthday as it will be the last one at Primary school and he arrived this morning with sweets for his class mates. Tomorrow will be his last day and he may not see some of the children again as they depart to different secondary schools. Tomorrow will also be the last time we go to school together as he will be on the school bus with his sister from September. So it is a poinient time for me too, as an end of an era looms.
No more playground chats for me, although we do have our "book club" evenings where "Big School" Mums return to meet up with the playground Mums to have a catch up and a 10 minute synopsis of the book - yes there really is a book and most of us read it!!!

Tomorrow he will join some of his class mates for a ride in a stretched Hummer and an end of school party at the local Pizza Hut. Later on we will be going to the cinema to see "Wall.e" with a friend who will be sleeping over. That should be a birthday treat to remember!

Not sure how much coursework, or sewing in general, will get done over the next two days, but I'm sure I'll make up for it at the week-end. I have a week-end to myself as DH is flying with the children to see the Grandparents, leaving Daughter for a weeks holiday, whilst Son returns, (with DH), for a week of Theatre Club. Son gets his week with the Grandparents at the end of the family holiday and Daughter has fun as a Guide helper at the Brownie Pack holiday.

Everybody's happy and I have some time to continue with the coursework - which during August is usually some mean feat!

Off to get some housework done, (as dust is becoming visible!!!), before going up to school for the "Leaver's Assembly". I have the camera battery charged and a packet of tissues or two in my handbag. Not usually one for tears, but I may make an exception this afternoon!

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