Friday, 11 July 2008

Never Go Shopping On An Empty Stomach...

Also never go shopping on a new module!

Friday morning is week-end shopping time so I head to town with Module 4 buzzing around my head and ended up purchasing 2 sets of photo-frames to make grid frames, and a storage box to hold the paper making grids, from Tescos and a bag full of lovely net /lace fabric samples for grids from the Local textile shop. Whilst walking around the supermarket I was looking at the bags holding the fruit and veg instead of what was on my list! I bought some purple garlic because the net bag had a lovely pattern! Now I need some interesting garlic recipes using the whole bulb as it is a shame to just chop them up.

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Vivien said...

The fascinator is splendid! A delicious cream cake, a ‘riding with the hounds’ top hat and a helter-skelter all rolled into one, depending from what side you view it – I love it!

What did you work on at summer school?

Cut the top off the garlic bulb, drizzle with olive oil in a small dish and roast. When soft, squeeze garlic through the top of the bulb onto warm buttered crusty bread!