Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Summer school as been and gone and I made it home through the rain and mini floods. I never seem too sad when leaving Urchfont in the rain - when it's glorious sunshine it's a totally different matter!

To all Distant Stitcher's who had lunch with me today you can officially stand down as character witnesses as the School Shirt Massacre will not now be taking place! Came home to find all rooms returned back to pre Parent-in-law visit, bedding washed(!) and home as tidy as I left and those shirts I lovingly ironed before leaving were found where they should be - Daughter's bedroom! Daughter made up for it by cooking dinner, leaving me time to unpack and return to being Mum.

I found an email dated 14/07/07 suggesting Bailey Curtis and Margaret Beal. Maybe Sian will consider them for next year? You've got to admit it was a brilliant Summer School and gave plenty of things to laugh about - you'll never look at vegetable oil and a certain type of paper bag in the same way again!

Too tired to do much more, will download photos tomorrow

Good night


Karen said...

Glad to hear you got home safely. Wish I could say that our house was neat and tidy when I got back!

Daniela said...

I'm happy to know that I shall not have to fly back to stand witness to the bloodiest massacre of the (wet) British summer. I just arrived safely home terribly hungry but to my dismay the refrigerator was totally empty. I chewed an old piece of cheese with some semi-rotten tomatoes, but the good news are that we are going out for dinner ...

JaneO said...

Alison that is such a relief! I came home to a To Do list of such proportions that I haven't even unpacked the boxes yet. Hope to sort out photos etc at the weekend.