Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sketch Book Day 4

While waiting for today's instructions I did a few detailed sketches and then drew on a created surface I had made at the weekend. How's that for serendipity?

The created surface is a separate project I have set myself after getting fed up with being handed bits of paper. It seems such a waste and I wanted to find a way to recycle them. The criteria for the project is that the pieces of paper MUST be handed to me and NOT picked up from somewhere. Once a suitable amount have been collected I sew them together and cut and sew until it is A3. I then painted with gesso and cut down to A5 so that they can be put into a sketch book bought for the project.

So I thought I would check out the surface while waiting...

Now I have my instructions I shall blog later with the next installment.

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JaneO said...

Clearly great minds think alike