Saturday, 30 July 2011

African Raffia Weaving Completed

Just finished sewing together the sides of the woven strips to create a triangular stick.

This is my interpretation of an African Fly Swatter

Here is a Maasai Beaded Fly Swatter

So you can see where I was coming from design wise!

And here are views of each of the three sides

Thanks once again to Mary Sleigh for introducing me to the delights of African textiles.

I will now put an end to this line of design work for the time being as I have priorities in other areas, especially the C & G course work, BUT now I have found them I doubt that the methods, stitches and design work of the African textiles will be too far away.


Rachel said...

Yes, it's clear to see what the inspiration is, and your interpretation is fascinating to see.

Angie Willis said...

Beautiful. The decoration is great and I had a look at Mary Sleigh's website and will probably order the book - I've always been fascinated by African design so I'm really pleased I read your blog!